Making Better Financial Decisions

  • Wealth Management Tips For Recently Divorced Individuals

    7 December 2020

    When you get divorced, a lot of things in your life change. While dealing with change is not easy, one thing that must be taken care of in a time like this is your finances. In fact, when you go through a big chance like this or a significant tragedy in your life, you need to sit down and take a close look at your finances and assets to see how they line up.

  • How Can You Plan For Retirement Today?

    9 September 2020

    Retirement planning is something many young people do not consider. Many people think that retirement planning is something you should not worry about until you actually near retirement. It is important to consider your future at any stage in your life, whether you are just entering the workforce or you are thinking about leaving it. If you are thinking about retirement, you might wonder what you can do today to plan.

  • 4 Money Management Tips for Successful Wealth Management

    30 July 2020

    If you want to retire without a lot of stress someday, you need to make sure you are managing your wealth now. Wealth management is a lifelong learning process, and if you do it right, you will end up with more money than you started with by growing your investments. Being able to grow your money through your investments allows you to build wealth without having to work for every penny.

  • The Bear Market: Hibernate Or Rebalance With Active Funds?

    6 July 2020

    During the current bear market, you may be questioning whether a passive or active investment strategy will help you achieve your financial goals. The debate over when and if active fund management outperforms passive fund management rages on. While passive funds have been widely reported to deliver a superior risk-adjusted investment, the bear market is shining new light on active performance management. Here's why many financial model portfolio building services will recommend a mixed portfolio of active and passive funds.

  • Three Ways a Financial Planner Can Help You with Debt

    22 June 2020

    Consulting a financial planner is one of the most effective steps you can take toward managing and paying off your debt. A professional can give you short-term relief by reorganizing your debt, help you set up a plan to pay it off long term, and address any spending and budgeting issues you may have in the meantime. 1. Short-Term Relief Depending on where your debt is—e.g. credit cards, student loans, mortgages—your financial planner will be able to help you in the short term by helping you organize your debt so it can be paid off easier.

  • Why Should You Hire An Accountant For Your Small Business Accounting Needs?

    16 June 2020

    If you are a small business owner, you are used to doing everything yourself — or at least doing almost everything yourself. This likely includes managing your books and doing your accounting. However, an option that might benefit you is to hire a small business accounting professional or firm to help you with your small business accounting. Get to know some of the main reasons you should hire an accountant to take care of these things for you.

  • Tax-Free Real Estate Transfers To The Next Generation

    20 May 2020

    If you plan to transfer real estate property to your estate, the current lower values provide an opportune time. A larger percent of assets can be gifted without triggering a taxable event. The 2020 federal estate and gift tax exemption reform, moreover, doubles the exemption amount to $11.58 million for individuals.  Real estate transferred to your estate over federal and state exemption amounts will be taxed at 40 percent. Alternatively, you can adeptly deploy tax strategies to allow assets to appreciate outside of taxable structures.

  • Tips For Getting Your Finances In Order And Working With A Planner

    29 February 2020

    When you are trying to really grow your finances to the best of your ability, you would do well to touch base with the right financial advisor to help you. They will lay out a blueprint that can help you take your finances to new levels and also prevent problems that may be eating up your cashflow before you have the chance to properly invest.  Use these tips to match up with the best financial advisor for the job while also working the strategies that will secure your financial life for the future.

  • 3 Reasons You May Want a Payroll Company as a Business Owner

    19 February 2020

    Running a business comes with a lot of responsibilities and things for a business owner to worry about. If your business has multiple employees, ensuring your employees are paid accurately is one of those worries—but it doesn't need to be. Outsourcing your payroll responsibilities has many benefits, no matter the business. Payroll companies will ensure that your payroll is done the right way. They can provide several services for your company, including keeping track of attendance, dealing with taxes and benefits, setting up direct deposit accounts, and making sure your company is following all laws and regulations.

  • 4 Things A CFO Business Advisory Service Can Provide Your Business With

    18 February 2020

    As your business grows, it makes sense to bring in outside assistance to help you with the financial aspect of your business. A CFO advisory service allows you to outsource the job of having a chief financial officer to an organization who has a whole team of financial experts who can work together to help your business grow. Provide Accurate Financial Analysis First, a CFO advisory service can provide you with an accurate financial analysis of how your business is doing.